Mission: Educate. Motivate. Coach.

Dessie is a  professional speaker, trainer, presenter, and consultant.

Student Life


Dessie is Passionate

Dessie is passionate about student life. As a student life consultant, advisor, and director, she has juggled multiple tasks with a positive can-do attitude. She's even trained  students how to take the lead on projects, work together as a team, conduct meetings, and how to plan events with the entire student body in mind.  

She is more than just a planner and problem solver, she is enthusiastic about seeing students excel in every area of their lives.  She takes pride in mentoring and advising students on and off campus. 


Ready to Inspire

Dessie is an expert on student life. She has over 10 years experience which consist of planning events, writing policies, creating forms, administering training and leadership sessions for student leaders and advisors, dealing with and solving conflicts within an organization, managing student activity funds, and much more.  


Dessie Speaks

Dessie is energetic, detail oriented, and makes learning fun during her speaking tours and training sessions. She ensures th students are engaged from start to finish.